Why Work with Us?

1 We will help you reduce energy use and save money.
We believe that saving energy is the right thing to do and our proven track record with clients demonstrates that we are good at what we do.
2 We will focus on the resources you currently have.
It’s a fact that companies can reduce energy by 5-20% without capital investment using best energy practices for people and operations.
3 We will teach you how to fish.
Our approach is to help clients create a culture of energy efficiency so the energy effort — and the savings — continue to grow year after year.

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Our Approach

We are passionate about saving energy. And we appreciate any and all efforts organizations make to reduce their energy use and costs.

But we’re particularly fond of efforts that bring people into the energy-saving solution.

Our founder and president, Joe Hallberg, is a licensed engineer who has seen his share of energy projects over the last 30 years. He admits they are fun. You can see the satisfaction and optimism on a client’s face when he knows that the new technology or equipment will bring value to the organization while also saving energy.

But what if you’ve already replaced your lighting, temperature controls and HVAC systems with more energy efficient ones. Or, what if there’s no money for capital projects? What are the alternatives?

In our experience, shifting the focus for energy savings beyond the facilities department and toward an organization-wide, people-based effort can often result in significant savings at a very low cost.

Known in the industry as “behavior-based energy efficiency,” this approach generates energy savings by engaging people and inspiring changes in attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making. CLASS 5 Energy has spent the past decade working with schools, institutions and organizations to create and support behavior-based energy solutions. We work with clients to understand their energy use, then provide the steps, strategies and materials to educate their employees and engage them in the energy-saving effort. With little or no capital investment, our clients reduce their energy use by 8%, on average, within the first year.

Our Team