Behavior Programs

Generating energy savings through people requires more than simply asking them to turn off the lights. Organizations have accepted ways of doing things, “rules of the road,” so to speak. Without directly addressing and changing these rules, people will make changes for a while but the impact erodes over time as they slip back into old habits that have not become part of the culture.

The solution is to create and embed new rules of the road when it comes to energy. Our programs walk an organization through the steps and strategies needed to successfully guide and sustain these changes including:

  • Setting the tone with the strong support of organizational leaders
  • Creating and supporting an energy steering committee and a league of “peer champions”
  • Establishing an energy baseline and a process for tracking and reporting results
  • Becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner
  • Educating and engagings employees
  • Rewarding and recognizing involvement and achievement
  • Promoting your efforts and outcomes with your key stakeholders.

As we work with you to understand your organization’s current energy efficiency efforts and goals, we will customize each step to fit your needs and culture. We can also provide materials, tools and coaching to ensure that implementation is easy and effective. Most clients see measurable results within 6-9 months.