Utility Tracking and Energy Management

Are you interested in reducing your energy use and costs by 2-3% per year? ENERGY STAR says you can, simply by tracking your buildings’ energy performance.

Now what if tracking would also help you:

  • Discover issues that might be contributing to poor energy use in your buildings?
  • Validate conservation efforts to administrators?
  • Eliminate the hassle of inputting your utility data into B3?
  • Uncover billing errors or anomalies?
  • Identify opportunities for low- and no-costs changes that could further increase your savings?

We often work with people who assume it’s enough to keep track of their organization’s monthly utility bills on a spreadsheet. Doing so, however, will not provide you with an accurate picture. Documenting dates and dollars does not allow you to analyze other energy use factors such as the length of your billing period; the current and past costs of energy in your area; weather patterns; inflation, the type of energy used; and the amount of energy used now compared to the same timeframe in years’ past.

Class 5 Energy offers a web-based utility tracking and energy management tool that accomplishes all those goals and more. For less than 1%* of your annual energy budget, Class 5 will:

  • Establish a 12-month energy baseline so you can quantify your savings
  • Enter utility data monthly and upload to B3 and ENERGY STAR, as appropriate
  • Provide quarterly reports tracking energy consumption, demand and costs
  • Scrutinize monthly bills for anomalies and billing errors
  • Analyze quarterly reports and provide ongoing feedback on opportunities or issues.

Our tool also allows you to benchmark your energy use against other similar buildings nationwide. And we offer a streamlined feature for exchanging energy and building data with ENERGY STAR, allowing your organization to receive ENERGY STAR recognition and awards.

Call us today to find out how a little investment can lead to significant energy use and cost savings.