Measure Your Savings

How many times have you wondered about or been asked these questions:

  • How much energy does our organization use? Is that more or less than we should be using?
  • Has our energy use gone up or down over the past several years? Why is that the case?
  • How does our energy use compare to other organizations just like us?
  • How much money do we spend on energy?
  • How much money have we saved since we started working to reduce energy?

Utility Tracking and Data Analysis  
Utility tracking is a tool for measuring and analyzing your organizational energy use and costs, as well as the impact of your conservation efforts. We often work with people who assume it’s enough to keep track of their organization’s monthly utility bills on a spreadsheet. Doing so, however, will not provide you with an accurate picture. Documenting dates and dollars does not allow you to analyze other energy use factors such as the length of your billing period; the current and past costs of energy in your area; weather patterns; inflation; the type of energy used; and the amount of energy used now compared to the same timeframe in years’ past.

That’s why utility tracking — inputting your energy use and cost data in a system that uses statistical methods to account for the effects of weather — is critical to your energy-saving effort. Luckily, you don’t need to be a statistician or technical genius to accurately measure your energy and cost savings.

CLASS 5 offers an easy-to-use, online utility tracking tool that monitors energy use and costs in your buildings, and generates reports to both manage and validate your energy-saving activities. The tools also allows you to benchmark your energy use against other similar buildings nationwide. Are you interested in becoming an ENERGY STAR Partner? Our tool offers a streamlined feature for exchanging energy and building data with ENERGY STAR, allowing your organization to receive ENERGY STAR recognition and awards.

It’s difficult to manage what you don’t measure. Whether you’re using the data to identify an opportunity for additional savings or to tout your success, utility tracking will enhance both your confidence and credibility.