Save Energy

Generating energy savings through people requires more than simply asking them to turn off the lights. Organizations have accepted ways of doing things — “rules of the road,” so to speak — around all kinds of areas including energy. You need to help people understand why you are changing the rules around energy use and how the changes will affect them. You also need to educate them about how they can help and communicate how the effort is going.

We have worked with organizations that have 40 employees and others that have 40,000. Some of our clients have a whole team dedicated to saving energy. Others are relying on committed volunteers to spearhead the efforts. Our experience is that often the people charged with reducing energy costs have good ideas and intentions, but are short on time, budget and authority. Some don’t know where to start. Others have gotten started but then don’t know how to prioritize their action steps.

Customized Behavior Programs
CLASS 5 Energy can design an energy program customized to your energy goals and budget, as well as your unique organizational culture. Our programs include all the steps and strategies needed to:

  • Educate people about why saving energy is important to your organization
  • Set the tone with the strong support of organizational leaders
  • Create and support an energy steering committee and a league of “peer champions”
  • Measure and track progress toward your goal
  • Become an ENERGY STAR® Partner
  • Engage employees and ask them to do their part
  • Reward and recognize involvement and achievement
  • Promote your efforts and outcomes with your key stakeholders.

We can also provide materials, tools and coaching to ensure that program implementation is easy and effective. Most of our clients see measurable results within 6-9 months.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive program or simply a set of strategies and materials, we make it easy to turn good intentions into measureable results.