Utility Data Tracking

CLASS 5 Utility Tracking is an easy-to-use software program that monitors energy consumption and costs in your buildings. It provides you with the tools to both manage and validate your energy-saving activities. CLASS 5 Utility Tracking uses statistical methods that account for the effects of weather so that yearly differences in energy consumption can be accurately attributed to behavior change, not weather.

Also, the CLASS 5 Utility Tracking program offers a streamlined feature for exchanging energy and building data with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Performance Rating System available through the ENERGY STAR® program.  Your energy data is already stored in the CLASS 5 Utility Tracking software’s database, therefore transferring this data to the EPA is seamless, and ratings can be obtained with little or no data entry. Becoming an ENERGY STAR partner allows your organization to receive ENERGY STAR recognition and awards, which provide great public relations opportunities.

What’s Included with CLASS 5 Utility Tracking?
When you purchase CLASS 5 Utility Tracking, we will create an energy baseline by collecting utility data from a representative 12-month period to create a “snapshot” of your organization’s “typical” energy use. This energy baseline establishes the concrete starting point from which to measure your progress and serves as the benchmark against which all future energy use and cost savings are measured. We will also set up your ENERGY STAR Portfolio.

Once your baseline is complete, you can begin data collection and entry, or you can hire CLASS 5 do complete the data entry. The key is establishing a process that ensures consistent, accurate input of the data on a monthly basis.

Once you have your utility tracking system in place and a few months under your belt, you can begin to run and print reports that make it easy to share the results of your energy saving efforts with others. Reports can be generated for individual facilities as well as for the organization as a whole. Learn more about CLASS 5 Utility Tracking.